US Senators Demand Zuckerberg To Answer After Revelations Of Former Facebook Employee

 After the former Facebook employee Frances Haugen spoke to the US Senate subcommittee on Tuesday, senators from both ruling parties in the country demanded that the head of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, answer the questions of politicians himself.

US Senators Demand Zuckerberg To Answer After Revelations Of Former Facebook Employee

Former product manager Frances Hagen has already stated that the company prioritizes profit over user safety, and she felt obligated to reveal the truth, since "almost no one outside of Facebook knows what is going on inside the social network."

It is known that the only person in the world knows more than anyone else - Mark Zuckerberg himself. However, during Hagen's fateful performances, he published a video of a boat trip with his wife.

"Mark Zuckerberg is supposed to look in the mirror today, but instead of taking responsibility and demonstrating leadership, he goes sailing ," said an angry Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal. - No apology, no admission of claims, no action, nothing to look at. Mark Zuckerberg, you need to appear before the committee and explain to Francis Hagen, to us, the world and the parents of America, what you did and why you did it . "

The Wall Street Journal recently began publishing a series based on documents provided by Hagen. They argued that there are many problems with Facebook applications, and the company's own investigation showed that Instagram is harmful to the mental health of children. At the same time, information has recently emerged that Facebook's new strategy provides for a more aggressive response to the allegations. In addition, it is planned to distance Zuckerberg from scandals as much as possible.

In addition to publishing his own sarcastic comments, Zuckerberg took other measures - sent his representatives to answer to the authorities and the public. In particular, the company spokesman Andy Stone tried to discredit her on the day of Hagen's speech to the senators, saying that she did not work directly with the issues that she is now testifying about. In response, the senators invited Facebook representatives to voice their views.

It is known that Zuckerberg is the founder, head and largest shareholder of Facebook, controlling more than half of the votes in the company's management. According to Hagen, he has created an organization that is purely quantitative. At the same time, as the head and chairman of Facebook, Zuckerberg is responsible for everything that happens in the company.

After the hearing, Stone posted a statement on Twitter, according to which Hagen was working in the wrong position to know the inner workings of Facebook. “We disagree with her characterization of many of the issues she was interviewed about,” Facebook said.

At the same time, Democratic Senator Ed Markey thanked Hagen for her assistance, called her an "American hero of the 21st century" and said that Zuckerberg was next in line.

“Here's my message to Mark Zuckerberg: Your time for violating our privacy, promoting toxic content, and making money from kids and teens is over. We will no longer allow your company to harm our children, our families and our democracy, ”the senator said emotionally.

In turn, Senator Blumenthal said that Zuckerberg should speak before the US Congress voluntarily. According to the politician, a businessman is responsible to society and is obliged to answer all questions.


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