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Razer unveils Kraken V3 gaming headsets with improved design, sound and tactile feedback in Pro and HyperSense models

 Razer has announced the Kraken V3 gaming headsets, which have an updated design and new features over the Kraken V2. The most expensive model in the series is the $ 199.99 wireless Kraken V3 Pro, which provides tactile feedback. For those who don't want to overpay for wireless connectivity, V3 HyperSense is available for $ 129.99. The most affordable among the new products was the basic Kraken V3 without tactile feedback for $ 99.99.

Razer unveils Kraken V3 gaming headsets with improved design, sound and tactile feedback in Pro and HyperSense models

Compared to previous generations, the Kraken V3 looks less bulky and flamboyant. Some of the features of the new products are borrowed from other devices of the company. Each Kraken V3 series headset features 50mm TriForce drivers, just like the Razer BlackShark V2. The haptic feedback found in the two Kraken V3 models has been carried over from the Nari headset.

Kraken V3 Pro is the most interesting of the new products. The device has leatherette-covered ear pads and a headband. A 2.4GHz USB Type-A wireless adapter is used to connect to PCs and consoles including PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Connection via 3.5mm audio jack is also available. A USB Type-C port is used to charge the headset. It features a detachable supercardioid microphone and boasts a proprietary Chroma RGB lighting system that allows you to customize the color of the logo and the surrounding LED ring.

The Kraken V3 Pro and HyperSense boast an advanced haptic feedback system that Razer claims is capable of converting sounds to vibration in real time. This is confirmed by Haptics Lofelt, who worked with Razer to bring tactile feedback to the Kraken V3. The buttons for adjusting the tactile sensations are located on the headset body, which allows you to flexibly adjust the response in a matter of seconds.

The most affordable Kraken V3 lacks support for tactile feedback, but has the same design and sound characteristics as more expensive models. It connects to PCs or consoles via a USB Type-A port. Kraken V3 and V3 HyperSense are available today. The more advanced wireless V3 Pro will hit the market later this year.


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