Play Something feature: let Netflix choose what you'll see on your Android device

Play Something feature let Netflix choose what you'll see on your Android device

From today, if you are an Android user, the Netflix platform can choose a content for you to watch.

All thanks to the Play Something feature that selects a movie or program, based on the your interests and previous views.

Netflix algorithm based suggestions on user behavior

Play Something feature has been available for televisions since April of this year, but now Netflix is ​​making it available to Android devices around the world as well.

The streaming platform ensures that this feature is not completely random (ie, shuffle) once which bases its choices on the user’s latest views and interests. In other words, it chooses the content, based on the user’s behavior within the platform.

The suggestions of the new Netflix functionality may include a movie or series that you haven’t seen in its entirety, a title that is part of your preference list or content dictated by the Netflix algorithm that, as we said, takes into account your interests.

iOS will have to wait for the Play Something functionality

On Android devices, the new functionality appears in several places in the application. For example, right on the initial profile screen, in the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen and still in the form of a floating button, when you view titles.

For now. Play Somethin functionality is available on Android TVs and devices. iOS users will still have to wait, as the feature will be tested on the operating system over the next few months.

Netflix wants to keep users on its platform for as long as possible

With this release, Netflix doesn’t just want to make one more tool available to its users. The Play Something feature also represents a way to retain users on that video platform, instead of jumping to another entertainment option.

By the way, retaining users on your platform is a serious bet for NetFlix that platform recently made Fast Laughs available. This is a feed of comic videos that direct users to Netflix content.


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