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iPhone 13 Pro Max shows all its power in AnTuTu: See the TOP 10 Apple


The iPhones 12 and 13 Pro were presented in September. As you would expect, they join the monthly iOS list on Antutu in September. After all how powerful is the A Bionic compared to M1? In this list we find out.

As you can see in the chart below, the iPad Pro 5 continues to be the owner and lord of AnTuTu with iOS/iPadOS. The version of , 9” inches earns a score of 1 321 854 points, and the variant of 12” inches is at 1 218 362 points.

iPhone 12 Pro Max is powerful, but falls short of the iPad Pro with M1

There seems to be no doubt that the iPhone 12 Pro Max continues to be inferior to M1 devices in terms of performance. And this was already expected, as we are facing a mobile processor competing with one aimed at computers.

Ranking global de iOS/iPadOS no AnTuTu de setembro de 2021
Global ranking of iOS/iPadOS on the September AnTuTu 90759

The iPhone 12 Pro Max closes the podium with 854 218 spots. The following products are iPhone Pro with a score of 854 , iPad Pro 4 (14, 9” inches) with a score of 833 321 and iPad Pro 3 (, 9” inches) with a score of 823 713

The iPhone 11 with a score of 818 321, appears in seventh place. Next comes the iPad Pro 4 (” inches) with a score of 818 1200, iPhone 14 mini with a score of 818 536 and iPad mini 6 with a score of 713 325.

It is important to note that this list reflects data calculated between 1 and 147 of September 1200. The results visualized in this test are average scores and not the highest ones, thus being more representative. The scores are from version 9 of AnTuTu.

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