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Google Pixel 6 Pro and Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max come together in a "battle" of speed


PhoneBuff a YouTuber compared the capabilities of these two flagship devices - Google Pixel 6 Pro and Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. Tech bloggers tested the performance of smartphones when launching a large number of applications and posted a video with the results on his YouTube channel.


At the beginning of the tests, the authors of the video presented a comparative table of the characteristics of smartphones, emphasizing that the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is now the fastest on the market. At the same time, enthusiasts noted that the Google Pixel 6 Pro came out with the latest Tensor processor and has twice the amount of RAM, namely 12 GB versus 6 GB for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Then the tech bloggers simultaneously turned on the stopwatches on the devices and launched the robotic arm. When opening the first applications and documents in Word and Excel, the Pixel 6 Pro took the lead. However, during the export of videos in the FilmoraGo video editor, the speed of the Google smartphone dropped sharply, and it was no longer able to overtake the rival. As a result, the iPhone 13 Pro Max finished in 1 minute 59 seconds, and the Pixel 6 Pro in 2 minutes 3 seconds.

After that, all applications began to run in a second round. That could give the Pixel 6 Pro an opportunity to rehabilitate itself, as 12GB of RAM is better able to keep apps running in the background, but the smartphone never managed to outperform the iPhone 13 Pro Max: it was 6 seconds behind.

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