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Gamers are horrified by the new trailer for Battlefield 2042 [VIDEO]


EA Dice recently released a new trailer for Battlefield 2042 on YouTube, and the video was instantly hit by a wave of criticism from gamers. The action-packed video reminded players more of an ad for Fortnite or another fun game for the younger generation than a promo for a serious military shooter.

At the time of publication of this note, the trailer had 58 thousand views, 2 thousand likes and as many as 2.6 thousand dislikes - more than half of the reactions turned out to be negative. The players did not like the tone of the video: the dirty-realistic Battlefield, in their opinion, has finally turned into a parody of itself. A variety of action takes place to the accompaniment of funny driving music in the frame, however, somewhat grotesque and kind of humorous.

Gamers in the comment section compare this trailer with the promotion of Fortnite and Raid: Shadow Legends, advise EA to change marketers and shed tears over the good old Battlefield. More serious comments state that the tone of the project is completely different from what a military shooter should be. About times, about morals.

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