Attention gamers: Sony Bravia TVs will have Perfect for PlayStation 5 seal


The latest addition from Sony will integrate exclusive PS5 features into the Bravia TV lineup.

For now, only a few TV models will proudly display the new Perfect for PlayStation 5 label .

Perfect for PlayStation 5 brings with it two new exclusive features

Sony’s HDR Auto Tone Mapping feature Credit@Sony

The Japanese giant has just announced a new development that will shake the world of video Games. From now on, some Sony Bravia TV models will have the Perfect for PlayStation 5 seal that brings with it two new exclusive features. These are: the automatic HDR tone mapping and the automatic image mode by gender.

Both features promise to optimize the gaming experience on Sony’s console. But let’s get to the details. Automatic HDR tone mapping allows the PS5’s initial setup to detect the TV and automatically set the best HDR options.

Thanks to this new feature, Sony ensures gamers will be able to visualize crucial details and enjoy high color contrast. The best example of functionality is presented by the brand with the game Gran Turismo 7.

Features arrive on PS5 and Bravia line through a system update

In turn, the automatic image mode by genre automatically detects the type of content being viewed by the user and selects the best image mode for that content, also automatically. That is, if you are playing and at some point you prefer to switch to a movie, the feature changes the image parameters to movie mode, leaving the game settings behind.

According to the brand, both features will be added to the PlayStation 5 by the end of this year, through a system update.

Also televisions bearing the Perfect for PlayStation 5 seal will have a system update to gain exclusive features. For now, the televisions that are on this list are models Z9J, A542J, A80 J, X22J and X80J.

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