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Xiaomi began to block smartphones in regions where their sale is prohibited, including Crimea

Xiaomi is not officially present in the markets of some countries or regions, including the United States. However, this does not prevent you from importing her devices there. Xiaomi smartphones are capable of working perfectly fine in any region of the world, provided that they support the bands that local telecom operators work with. This was until recently, but now the situation has changed and some restrictions have appeared.

Although Xiaomi's export policy prohibits the sale of smartphones in some countries and regions, the company has not previously prevented the activation and use of devices in their territory. Now Xiaomi's policy has changed. Over the past months, Reddit and Facebook users have reported several times of blocking Xiaomi smartphones in a particular region, but the number of blocks has increased significantly since last week.

Users who have encountered restrictions report that devices display a message: “It is Xiaomi policy not to allow the sale of the product in the territory where you tried to activate it. For more information, please contact the retailer directly . "

At the moment, there is no complete list of countries and regions that have problems using Xiaomi devices. It is only known that problems arise among users in Cuba, Syria, Iran, North Korea and Sudan, as well as in Crimea.

Interestingly, the problem does not seem to affect smartphones with unofficial firmware installed. It is worth noting that the Xiaomi Terms of Service clearly states that buyers are prohibited from exporting smartphones to certain regions. However, the company does not indicate that it will block devices if this rule is violated.


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