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Scammers steal users' bitcoins through a fake crypto exchange

Enterprising hackers continue to develop new methods of deceiving cryptocurrency holders. Recently, another method of stealing digital money has appeared on the network: cybercriminals "give" large sums of money to their victims, who often still lose their own assets.

Experts from the research company Proofpoint have discovered that a method of fraud is becoming popular on the network, in which, through mailing lists, users are offered to use the services of a new exchange. Right after registering, they discovered that they already had a decent amount of bitcoin on their balance sheets.

After authorization, the fraud victims saw a balance of 28.85 BTC, but to “withdraw funds” they were asked to transfer 0.0001 BTC - allegedly to verify the wallet. As soon as the user performed this operation, he saw a new message stating that the minimum withdrawal amount from the crypto exchange is 29,029 BTC.

But even after replenishing the balance to the specified amount, it was not possible to withdraw BTC. Thus, the attackers lured out at least 0.1791 bitcoins from every gullible user who decided that the exchange was really distributing money. Taking into account the current exchange rate, such losses are estimated at more than $ 8 thousand. Experts urged cryptocurrency holders to be careful about such mailings so as not to become a victim of scammers.


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