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LG unveils 325-inch 8K TV for $ 1.7 million

LG has unveiled a new TV that few can afford. The fact is that the cost of a 325-inch LED-screen with a resolution of 8K, capable of covering an entire wall, is $ 1.7 million. The device is similar in concept to Samsung The Wall and Sony Crystal LED - massive panels made up of millions of LEDs for stunning picture quality.

Like conventional TVs, the new product is available in several sizes from 108 to 325 inches and resolutions from HD to 8K. Unlike most conventional TVs, the new product with DVLED matrix is ​​available in different resolutions at the same size. DVLED technology resembles the microLED solutions found in Samsung The Wall and Sony Crystal LED, however some LG TVs have LEDs that are not small enough to qualify as “micro”.

The smallest pixel pitch, that is, the distance between the centers of adjacent pixels, represented by individual LEDs, in LG's most advanced DVLED TVs is 0.9mm, which is broadly equivalent to microLEDs. However, the company's lineup also includes devices in which the pixel pitch is 1.2 and even 1.5 mm.
In terms of dimensions, LG's smallest 108-inch DVLED Extreme Home Cinema TV is available in HD and 2K resolutions. For users interested in 4K, the sizes range from 163 to 393 inches. The 8K version offers a 325-inch diagonal. It is noted that the device emits a huge amount of heat during operation, approximately 16,500 W, so it is recommended to install it in rooms with an advanced air conditioning system. In winter, watching TV shows will allow owners of a huge TV to save on heating the room.

LG Extreme Home Cinema TVs are unlikely to become a mass product, if only because of the huge cost. But the novelty should be seen as a kind of testing of the technology, which, ultimately, will allow LG to launch the production of compact, energy-efficient and affordable DVLED TVs.


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