HUAWEI AR HUD technology turns your windshield into a smart screen

HUAWEI has introduced AR HUD technology, which turns a car windshield into a smart screen. The innovation involves the display of all important information not on the display, but directly on the windshield.

HUAWEI's new car solution echoes the HUD function used in military aircraft, which displays speed, altitude and other important indicators in front of the pilot's eyes. According to the company, the HUAWEI AR HUD will enable automakers to combine new technology, safety and entertainment, as well as make driving more comfortable and confident, while avoiding accidents.

AR HUD provides a wide field of view, covering up to 7.5 meters in front of the vehicle. A system located under the steering wheel projects a 70-inch image onto the windshield. The "screen" displays all navigation information - distance, route, number of lanes on the road, for which the driver is preparing to exit, as well as weather conditions and other important data. In addition, HUAWEI has provided a night vision mode when driving at night and separate options that make it easier to move during heavy rain and fog.

In addition, the display can be used as an entertainment and multimedia tool that offers video streaming functionality. With support for a range of applications, the screen can offer a 3D mapping system with real-time information about parking lots, restaurants, shops, gas stations and more.


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