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Apple stock rebounds from Epic Games court rush crash

Facebook admits its criticism of XCheck is justified and says it is working to rehabilitate the program. The company says the system is designed to " strictly enforce content policies that may require more understanding ." Facebook is currently working on a solution to the problems identified in XCheck.

The court ordered Apple to allow app developers to direct users to alternative payment platforms, which would allow them to avoid paying a 30% fee on the App Store. Analysts say that while this decision may affect Apple's service revenue, the extent of such losses is not yet fully understood. In addition, the consequences of the judgment will be postponed in time.

Gene Munster, managing partner at technology venture capital firm Loup Ventures, said he estimated that the court’s ruling would cut revenue by no more than 2% and profits by no more than 4%. After the first year in this mode, the growth rate of the app store will bounce back.

Wedbush analysts estimate that in a worst-case scenario, Apple will lose about 3% of total revenue, and the maximum decline in app store revenue will be no more than 1% in the long term. It is assumed that the majority of users will continue to use the payment methods offered by the App Store, as they are the most familiar and convenient.


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