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Android 12 release date spotted in internal Google doc

Soon after the release of the fifth "beta" of Android 12, a screenshot of a Google document appeared on the network with the estimated date of the release of the final version of the OS. According to the source, there is not long to wait - the release will take place in less than a month.
Data on the release of a stable assembly of the mobile operating system was published by the editor of XDA-Developers, Mishal Rahman. The Google document contains data on the release of the new AOSP version of the system, as well as previous releases. Considering that the Android 10/11 release days in the source coincide with the actual ones, the indicated date (October 4, 2021) is most likely also true for Android 12.

A later launch of the update compared to previous builds may be associated with a large number of changes in the new revision of the "green robot". Probably for this reason, the company took longer to conduct tests for compatibility of the new operating system with Google Mobile Services (GMS). It is not yet known whether the release date of the final assembly of Android 12 will coincide with the day of the presentation of the flagship smartphones Google Pixel 6.


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