20 games and apps too good to be free on the Google Play Store

In the middle of the week we bring you some of the best paid apps and games that you can now install (download) from Google Play Store without pay. They’ll be totally yours forever, or until you decide to remove them from your Android tablet or smartphone.

We’ve selected several fun Android games to pass the time, as well as tools that add functions, or improve some aspects of your device. In addition, we also make known several (and good) icon packs to install!

On the other hand, in order to make it easier to read and understand, we have divided the various apps into three categories . In addition, we also indicate the usual retail price for each content, as well as the general duration of the freebie during the promotion.

General utility apps for Android

  • Pro Video Enhancer – it cost 1,360 € – free for 1 day
  • Equalizer FX Pro – cost 1,99 € – free for 1 day
  • Sav PDF Viewer – Read PDF files safely – cost 0,99 € – free for 2 days
  • SnipBack – Smart PRO HD Voice Recorder – cost 2,99 € – free for 4 days
  • Unit Lab – Converter & Calculator – cost 1,49 € – free for 5 days
  • Crypto Helper – cost 0,49 € – free for 5 days
  • Mandala Maker – cost 5,49 € – free for 6 days

These are the applications that add functions to your Android tablet or smartphone, grouped here first. We have a little bit of everything, from audio recording tools like reminders to advanced equalizers for music lovers.

You can also find Mandala Maker, great for relaxing and drawing elaborate geometric compositions, it’s one of the recommended apps of the week. Furthermore, you also have the Unit Lab, a powerful unit converter that always comes in handy.

In summary, go through the list above and, depending on your needs and/or curiosity, download these apps without paying.

Games to install on Android smartphone

  • Spelling Games PRO – 8 in 1 – cost 2,360 € – free during 1 day
  • One By One PRO – Multilingual Word Search – cost 2,29 € – free for 1 day
  • Word Flood PRO – cost 1,99 € – free for 1 day
  • Gemwars PRO – cost 2,39 € – free for 1 day
  • Murphy’s Laws Guessing Game PRO – it cost 2, € – free for 2 days s
  • Best Quotes Guessing Game PRO – it cost 2, € – free for 2 days
  • Isometric Squares – puzzle ² – cost 1,49 € – free for 7 days
  • Magnet Balls PRO: Physics Puzzle – it cost 0,49 € – free for 7 days
  • Magnet Balls 2: Physics Puzzle – cost 0,49 € – free for 7 days
  • Magnet Balls PRO: Physics Puzzle – it cost 0,49 € – free for 7 days
  • Magnetic Balls HD – cost 0,79 € – free for 7 days
Games are a great way to spend time on the phone, being fun and sometimes educational too. That’s why we’ve selected some of the best learning games from the list above, without detracting from the fun.

You have several puzzle-style games, as well as some casual titles like color matching puzzles. It’s a succinct selection, but with quality games that you can now install without paying from the Google Play Store.

These titles, for the most part, are best enjoyed on the big screen of tablets, but you can also enjoy them on your Android smartphone without any restrictions.

Personalization apps for Android
  • Stylish Text – Fonts, Symbols & Emojis – cost 2, € – free for 5 days
We also put an application very versatile customization if you want to change graphic aspects of your smartphone such as the font, add symbols and / or access new emojis. It’s a very versatile kit that’s worth exploring.

      Finally, if you’re looking for other Android apps, check out the previous selection, still with several free apps for a limited time, but hurry up!


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