Sony reveals details of PSVR VR headset for PlayStation 5 - it will get advanced controllers

 More details about the upcoming Sony PSVR virtual reality headset for PlayStation 5 appear on the web. Sony reportedly held a developer event on Tuesday, where it shared new information about the controllers, detailed the strategy for developing games for PSVR and confirmed some features of the headset, about which were previously rumored.

Sony reveals details of PSVR VR headset for PlayStation 5 - it will get advanced controllers

It is reported that the next generation PSVR controllers will be able to detect not only the pressing of the buttons when the user is holding the device, but also how far away his fingers are. This feature is similar to Motion Sense, which allows smartphones and Google smart home devices to detect motion.

Sony has also told the developers that it wants to develop a hybrid model for future AAA game releases for the PlayStation. The goal is to provide full VR support across all major games, similar to what Resident Evil 7 and No Man's Sky got on PS4 and PS5. Of course, you still need a console to use PSVR.


Sony publicly announced the next generation PSVR in February, and shortly thereafter detailed the features of the new controllers. Here's what is known about the headset at the moment:

  • PSVR will connect to PlayStation consoles using a single cable.
  • The headset will receive displays with a resolution of 2000 × 2040 pixels for each eye to provide an overall 4K resolution. The field of view will increase to 110 degrees versus 100 degrees for the current model.
  • Sony is reportedly planning to use dynamic resolution scaling in conjunction with eye-tracking rendering so that the device can only render in detail the portion of the scene the user is currently looking at. The goal of this is to reduce the strain on the headset and PS5 for better performance.
  • Device controllers will receive adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, touch buttons, and the ability to determine the distance between fingers and the device.

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony will release a new PSVR for the 2022 holiday season, but the company could finalize the headset and announce more details on the device later this year.


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