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Razer opens registration for Zephyr mask testing

When Razer first unveiled its Project Hazel smart mask at CES 2021, there were tight quarantines in many countries. The company later said that it really plans to release such masks, and now, with the sad news about the increase in the incidence of coronavirus, Razer renamed the product to Zephyr and announced a set of beta testers for the Mask.

Razer opens registration for Zephyr mask testing

Despite the name change, the basic functionality of the mask remains the same. According to Razer's product page, the Zephyr still promotes high bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE), boasts active ventilation and an auto-sterilization feature that sterilizes the mask using UV light when placed in its charging case.

In addition, Zephyr is designed to solve a number of other issues - with communication, comfort and durability. The transparent design, along with built-in microphones and amplifiers, allows for easy communication. At the same time, like many of the company's devices, the mask is equipped with a backlight that allows the interlocutors to follow the movement of the lips even in the dark. For the convenience of daily use, Zephyr is equipped with replaceable filters, is scratch-resistant, waterproof and made from recycled plastic.

Despite the fact that there was no registration information in the video announcing the name change and the upcoming beta test, now it has appeared. You can apply to participate on the Razer website.


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