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Zoom buys cloud company Five9 for $ 14.7 billion

 Zoom has recently announced that it is acquiring a company called Five9, which provides cloud software services. The deal looks set to be around $ 14.7 billion for Zoom to make a $ 1 billion purchase for the first time.

Zoom wants to prepare for the post-Corona era by buying Five9. CEO says : "We are constantly looking for ways to improve Pltfrmman Five9 we added to our portfolio is a great way to do that happiness and bring more value to our customers."

If Zoom finalizes the 5.9 billion acquisition of Five9, it will become the second largest acquisition in the tech world after Microsoft's $ 19 billion acquisition of Nivens . The price of Five9 shares closed at $ 177.60 two days ago, bringing the total value of the company to about $ 11.9 billion. With this deal, Five9 shareholders will receive 0.5533 zoom shares for each share they hold. Accordingly, the value of Five9 shares reaches $ 200.28 per share.

Zoom has been one of the fastest growing companies since the start of the Corona virus epidemic, as corporate shutdowns and telecommuting have led to more people needing video communication tools to interact. Now, with companies slowly returning to the workplace and increasing the number of face-to-face meetings, the growth rate of zoom has slowed down.

The company has recently introduced new products to continue to appeal to users, but it seems that organic growth can no longer meet the needs of Wall Street shareholders. Zoom now faces tough competitors like Microsoft, which has invested heavily in Teams .

Zoom stock prices rose about 400 percent last year, but have fallen 36 percent since their historic high in October last year.


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