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The world's first 3D printed steel bridge opens in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has inaugurated the first pedestrian steel bridge built with 3D printing technology and equipped with advanced sensors to control pedestrian traffic.

The pedestrian bridge is located on one of Amsterdam's oldest canals in an area called "Red Light". The futuristic and modern design of this 12-meter bridge was done by a Dutch designer named "Juris Larman" and was created using welding robots with a kind of 3D printing technique.

MX3D, the developer of the new technology, says the bridge has a sophisticated design, but they have finally been able to demonstrate such architecture with robotic 3D printing.

"The team at MX3D Technology Company's development team says:

"If you want to design a bridge with aesthetic tips and patterns and build it cheaply and efficiently, 3D printing technology is a good option."

Architects and designers can use this new and very interesting tool to showcase new and creative designs. The 3D printing bridge not only has an eye-catching architecture but also smart elements in its development and is equipped with efficient sensors.

The sensors used in the structure can closely monitor its condition and monitor any changes in its condition using intelligent sensors.

"Misha Moss, a structural consultant in Amsterdam," he said.

"Using such smart solutions and using different sensors helps us to examine how people react to such spaces and see how users use such facilities in public spaces and if anyone intends to destroy it. "With the help of sensors, we can quickly understand."

It remains to be seen whether such structures can, in the long run, be as efficient and durable as in the early days of development, or deteriorate.


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