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Poco F3 GT targets gamers with 480Hz touch sampling rate

Poko India has released a new poster on its Twitter account announcing the 480Hz touch sampling rate of the "Poco F3 GT", which will probably be very important for mobile gaming fans.

In addition to introducing this feature, the Chinese smartphone maker on Twitter also mentioned the benefits of having a high-touch sampling rate, and stated that this feature provides a smoother and more accurate touch response to mobile gaming fans. For example, during intense combat, and especially in first-person shooter games, the gameplay will be better and more accurate. Poco adds that the 480Hz touch sampling rate of the Poko F3 GT is the fastest among other devices in the industry, and is a big improvement over the general 180Hz rate.

The Poko F3 GT display also benefits from a 120Hz refresh rate and a 10-bit embedded panel with support for HDR10 + technology. In addition, other features of this device seem to be focused on improving the overall gameplay of mobile games. For example, according to the company, the Poco F3 GT will be offered with two gaming actuators with magnetic power on the right side of the device, although their operation has not been determined yet.

Xiaomi is scheduled to officially unveil the Poco F3 GT on August 1 and the Poco X3 GT on August 6 . Given that Poco has introduced some very good and acceptable phones and this phone has also had good specifications so far, it is expected that more news about some of its specifications, including price and hardware details, will be published in the next few days. The phone is also on the list of Android devices that might receive 12.



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