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MediaTek unveiled the Helio G96 and Helio G88 chipsets

MediaTek has introduced two new Helio G Series chips, the Helio G96 and the Helio G88, with a focus on improving display performance with higher refresh rates and a more powerful camera.

Helio G96 chipset refresh rate of 120 Hz display with support . The Helio G95, the previous generation of the company's chip, supported the same series of displays with a maximum refresh rate of 90 Hz. MediaTek's new eight-core chip runs on the 2.05 GHz cortex A76 and six A55 cores, and supports the G57 MC2 GPU.

Another thing that the new chip has improved over the previous generation is the possibility of supporting a 108-megapixel camera sensor. While the Helio G95 supported a maximum of 64 megapixels. In video shooting, however, it can still support a frame rate of 30 frames per second for 4K video.

Although the 5G chip market is growing, the Helio G96 supports 4G network.

Helio G88, another chip introduced by MediaTek, is very similar to its predecessor. The chipset runs on a pair of 2 GHz Cortex A75 cores and six A55 cores and a G52 MC2 GPU with the same 1 GHz frequency. The Helio G88 supports displays with a refresh rate of 90 Hz with a resolution of more than 1080 pixels and a 64-megapixel camera.

Both the new Helio G96 and Helio G88 chips use HyperEngine 2.0 Lite technology, so they can support two SIM cards with VoLTE. Both new chipsets also feature camera processing features, including 3D noise reduction and MFNR in hardware for the G96.

With the introduction of two new chips, MediaTek has shown its progress in supporting the display with a higher update rate and the device's camera.


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