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How fast is Starlink Internet in different parts of the world?

Starlink Internet has been launched in some countries for months. A report has recently been released that reveals the details of the speed and performance of this service in different parts of the world.

Low speed and high latency of Starlink internet in America

As you know, Starlink Internet has been launched in some parts of the United States, Europe and Australia. Recently, data has been collected from several different countries, which shows that the average download speed of this service is 150 Mbps.

According to the results, Starlink Internet performs better in Europe than in the United States, with an average download speed of 176 Mbps. The minimum and maximum speeds are 2.2 and 422 Mbps, respectively.

Apparently, Starlink internet latency varies in different parts of the world. For example, European users reported a delay of 33.4 milliseconds; In North America, however, the figure exceeds 50 milliseconds. The highest latency is in the United States at 985 milliseconds; That is three times the amount reported in European regions.

Latency is the time taken to send information from one user to another and plays an important role in all Internet networks. Therefore, SpaceX is working hard to minimize delays in all parts of the world.

But it may be interesting to know that Starlink Internet has the best performance in Australia. SpaceX has so far installed 13 ground stations in the country. Australia's relatively low population is also said to play an important role in high-speed internet.

SpaceX will install more ground stations in Europe and the United States in the coming months, and will launch more satellites into space. Therefore, in the near future, we will see an improvement in the situation of Starlink Internet in all parts of the world


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