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Vladimir Putin's limousine entered the production phase; Oros Senate is a rival to Rolls-Royce

 Production of the Aurus Senat, often referred to as Rolls-Royce's Russian rival, has officially begun. This luxury and ceremonial car is produced in Yelabuga factory. You may know that the Senate was designed and produced with the aim of ousting the President and other high-ranking Russian officials. After the unveiling at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, this luxury limousine was supposed to enter the production phase last year, but this did not happen for some reason.

The start-up company Urus Motors is a subsidiary of the Institute of Automotive Engines and the Russian Automobile Research Center (NAMI for short). The company is in fact an ambitious project for the Kremlin, the main idea of ​​which was put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, so there is a lot of government support for it.

The Urus Senate is available in two versions, the L700 and S600. The L700 version has larger dimensions and is designed to move government officials; But the S600 version is smaller and ordinary customers can buy it. After Senate, Urus plans to develop a long chassis and a luxury convertible.

For Urus Senate customers, there are options such as a back row with two folding seats, a small refrigerator, tables taken from passenger planes and wooden and leather decorations. The car's vertical dashboard hosts two large displays (one for the infotainment system and the other to provide the information the driver needs); These monitors are located under a single glass panel.

The Urus Senate is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo hybrid engine. The engine, designed in collaboration with Porsche, is capable of producing 590 horsepower and 880 Nm of torque. The task of transferring power to the wheels is also assigned to the 9-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive system. Urus Motors has already promised to provide a V12 engine for its products.

According to a Russian local newspaper quoted by the country's Minister of Industry, 200 to 300 senates will be produced annually. The base model of this ceremonial limousine is priced at 18 million rubles; This figure is equal to the daily exchange rate of 245 thousand dollars. For comparison, the base model of the Rolls-Royce Phantom is priced at around $ 450,000.


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