Travel Across The Globe With The Google Flume Tool

Google Flume is the name of Google's new tool with which you can travel to the other side of the globe. This may sound strange, but by entering the Google Floom site, you can use augmented reality to dig a tunnel in the heart of your room and find out exactly what area you will reach on that side of the globe!

Google Floom is part of Google's new augmented reality tools based on WebXR. Users can also use other Google tools such as Measure Up to measure the volume of various objects and Sodar to display a two-meter safety distance with others. Picturescape will soon be available to turn the phone gallery into an augmented reality.

As mentioned, Google Flume and other gadgets mentioned are augmented reality, so your phone should support ARCore. Also, unfortunately, these tools have been closed due to sanctions on Iranians, so change your IP before entering them.

Working with Google Floom is very simple, after connecting your phone to the Internet and changing the IP, you can log in to Google Floom, then the option Let's go! Tap.

When you first log in to Google Floom, you get permission to access the camera and activate the location. After confirming both, you can tap the Explore option to use the camera, room or any other environment in which you are, See the Google Flume site.

This section explains how to hold the camera facing the ground and gently shake it so that Google Flume can detect the ground. .

At the bottom of the screen is a map of the globe and the direction and angle of your camera. By changing the direction of the camera on the ground, you can reach different areas from west to east of the globe, so the final result depends on the direction and angle of your camera.

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Finally, if you find the angle you want, touch the spiral symbol to start the adventure, or it will dig the spiral symbol in augmented reality and create a tunnel between you and the other side of the earth, now you can get closer to the tunnel and See the exact other side of the globe.

At the top of the page, the name of the place you are viewing is displayed, touch it to enter Google Earth and you can get additional information from that place.


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