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The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will likely come with a narrower bezel than the previous generation

 The renderings of Samsung's upcoming clamshell phone, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 , depict a large external display with a dual main camera , a different design, and a variety of colors . IceUniverse has now shared new information about the phone on the Chinese social network Weibo, indicating that the clamshell phone will likely benefit from slimmer bezels and a thinner metal bezel than the previous generation.

According to IceUniverse, a well-known revealer of Samsung products, the design of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 clamshell phone will undergo significant changes to make it look more modern and of better quality. The revealer also provides a rendering of Samsung's upcoming clamshell phone.

The edges around the screen in the Galaxy Z Flip series clamshell phones are one of the most notable issues in this device, which makes its design far from modern. It is now said that Samsung intends to fix this design flaw to some extent, and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will probably come with a better design. Be the first step in this direction. The rendered rendering shows a mobile phone with thin side edges that are only 3.8 mm wide.

The leaked information also points to the side cover of the phone. Although it seems unlikely that Samsung will design the body of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 from a material other than metal, but according to the information of this informed source, the design does not give the user a sense of metal. However, Samsung may make some special covers on the body of your phone. In addition, the side cover of the phone will certainly be thinner than before.

Finally, it should be noted that according to these renderings, it seems that Samsung will not use the camera under the screen in its future phone, because a selfie camera hole can be seen on the screen.

Keep in mind that these renderings are based on some proprietary information provided by some informed sources, and Samsung has not yet confirmed them.


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