The FIFA 21 source code and the Frostbite engine were stolen in an attack on Electronic Arts

 Electronic Arts (EA), the publisher of the Battlefield series and many other popular video game franchises, recently announced that it has come under widespread attack. It seems that the hackers managed to gain access to the company's information, and the source code of FIFA 21 also includes them.

Thieves are selling huge amounts of information obtained from Electronic Arts in illegal chat forums. It is said that the amount of data reaches 780 GB. In addition to the FIFA 21 source code, the Frostbite engine source code can also be seen in the screenshots. Hackers have claimed to have stolen some of the company's proprietary development tools and are now trying to sell them.

Electronic Arts has just confirmed that the target is and sell property also belongs to its own data. The company said in a statement that it was investigating leaks in network information and several of its games and their source code, along with peripherals. It has not been confirmed whether the source code of FIFA 21 was among the mentioned titles or not. An EA spokesman stressed that user information was not the target of the attacks and that hackers had not been able to obtain it; As a result, there is no reason to worry about user privacy.

In the aftermath of the attacks, Electronic Arts has improved its security systems, claiming that selling game information could not affect the business and their proprietary titles. The company has also begun working with the judiciary to investigate the recent leak of data.

Cidi Project Studio was also attacked by ransom after the release of Cyberpunk 2077. Eventually, the hackers managed to obtain the company's recent title source code and sell it. Sidi Project has stated that the hacker attack was the reason for the delay in releasing the 1.2 patch of the cyberpunk game; But for now, Electronic Arts does not seem to be afraid of future hacking problems and believes it will have no effect on game development.


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