France fined Google € 220 million to force it to change its advertising policies

 In an unprecedented deal with a French market watchdog, Google has agreed to change the terms of some of its comprehensive online advertising services.

According to Reuters , the French institution has fined the company 220 million euros ($ 267 million) by proving that Google has abused its power in the online advertising market. It is said that Google's advertising tools have now become an integral part of the publishers' advertising methods and they have dominated the market.

The decision of the French regulator is an attempt to redistribute power in the market and restore control in favor of publishers. In the pre-Internet era, these publishers controlled the advertising market, but with the advent of companies such as Google and Facebook, they lost their power.

The French regulator says their decision paves the way for publishers who believe they have been harmed by Google. Many publishers around the world have complained about the policies of this tech giant. "This decision is crucial to sanctioning Google because it is the world's first decision on the complex algorithmic auction processes on which the online advertising business relies," said Isabel de Silva, the agency's president.

He added that the amount of the fine has been reduced due to the agreement, but no further details are available. In addition, it has been confirmed that Google will not pursue the appeal and that the verdict will suffice.

The current agreement shows that legal entities can put pressure on Google to change with antitrust lawsuits. Under the current agreement, the company must improve the interoperability of Google Ad Manager services with ad servers and third-party ad platforms. The French watchdog has emphasized that the implementation of these commitments is an essential part of their agreement and that Google cannot refuse to fulfill them.


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