Apple unveils iOS 15 with new features

Apple unveiled the latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 15, during the WWDC 2021 developer conference. IOS 15 takes advantage of new features such as spatial audio for FaceTime.

IOS 15 Features

Apple has added new features to iOS 15 that we will take a look at below.

Face time

In iOS 15, in addition to surround sound, users also have the ability to remove noise in Facebook calls to give a more natural sound to others. In addition, users can schedule calls and send links to people, but you do not need an Apple device to participate in these calls, and you can communicate with others through the browser . Video calls are encrypted throughout.

Another new feature of FaceTime is called " SharePlay ", which allows you to share music, video, movies, as well as in-screen content in calls. SharePlay is offered as an API to be embedded within third-party apps.


Apple has also updated the iMessages service on iOS 15, offering users a new way to share content such as images, music, podcasts and more. Users can pin shared content.


Notifications have been redesigned in iOS 15 and now use a notification summary that displays notifications based on how users interact with apps.

Do not disturb status Users are now shown contacts in Messages. In addition, new options such as Focus for Status are available to users.


Photos in iOS 15 uses the Live Text feature , which allows you to highlight and select text in images. This feature is also used in other apps such as Apple News. In the new iPhone operating system, images are also displayed in Spotlight searches.

You can also put Apple Music songs in your picture memories. This feature combines images and videos and intelligently selects a song from Apple Music.


iOS 15 brings keys to a wallet, which includes hotel room keys and keys for smart home locks.

Apple Maps

Maps is equipped with global visibility and more details for cities. We also come across new road details that help drivers in cities.


The weather now has a new design, uses the map in the app and is equipped with new background animations. The app also has new graphics to make it easier for users to be informed about the weather.

Other features

IOS 15 features voice search on Safari, drag-and-drop features in apps, new memes, and better contact cards in Spotlight.

The first iOS 15 developer beta will be released today and its first public beta will be available to users next month. The final version of this operating system will be released in the fall.


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