You can make a hole in an AirTag to improve its use

 Just a couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to enjoy a fantastic special Apple event entitled "Spring Loaded" that was held through online streaming and without the assistance of the public due to obvious reasons due to the complicated health situation in the one we meet.

You can make a hole in an AirTag to improve its use

At its event, the firm of the bitten apple logo presented us with a series of very interesting products. Among them, we could finally see the rumored AirTags , small devices that are attached to any object to be able to locate it easily and avoid its loss.

However, thanks to the creativity of some consumers we have been able to discover that it is possible to drill a hole in the AirTags to improve their use. We explain the matter to you below.

How to make a hole in AirTags and why it would be so useful

AirTag being drilled.

In theory, the AirTag device is designed not to lose your most valuable belongings. It is attached to any object through the use of magnets. Plus, constant synchronization and communication between Apple products makes locating AirTags a matter of seconds. So far everything is great. But what if you lose an AirTag ?

This is where the idea of iFixit comes into play . While gutting the AirTags to take a deep look at their internal hardware, they came up with the possibility of drilling a hole in their housing with a drill to maximize its functionality. This is a risky idea, as you could seriously damage the hardware components of the small AirTag and render it unusable or lose its waterproof status.

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But since iFixit they have been able to afford to do so. To drill the hole in the AirTag housing, they first disassembled the device and removed the battery. Then they have reassembled it. In this way you could include the AirTag in the ring of your keychain without using its magnets, or even screw it to an object to prevent the magnets from failing over time and wear.


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