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Xiaomi may resurrect modular smartphones

 Modular smartphones were a promising idea for the mobile technology market a few years ago. The concept was to provide the user with the replacement of some parts of the equipment, facilitating the updating of some components.

Despite the fact that this idea did not succeed in the market, Xiaomi could revive it. This is the conclusion that we draw after a patent of the Chinese brand is known precisely for a modular smartphone.

Xiaomi may resurrect modular smartphones

Xiaomi equates modular equipment that is divided into three parts.

The patent now discovered, by Xiaomi, idealizes a product with three replaceable parts. At the top would be your camera and logic board (processor, RAM, storage, etc.), in the middle a part with the battery and, finally, a third portion with the USB port and the speakers.

It was based on these documents that the publication LetsGoDigital conceived the images that illustrate this article. In them we can see how the Xiaomi product could be divided into three parts indispensable for its ideal functioning.

The images include different configurations for the camera of this smartphone, from the amount of lenses available to its alignment. It is interesting to note even the presence of a module with a secondary screen, an ideology inspired by the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

The benefit of such a product would be the faster and potentially more economical update of some components of the smartphone. You could just switch to a larger battery module or switch to a camera with more or less lenses, all depending on your needs.

The part that seems most lost in the middle of this is the bottom, where the USB port and the product column would simply be present. This would be the portion of the smartphone with the greatest need for reasoning.

It should be noted that the approval of a patent does not mean that Xiaomi will launch such a product. It just means that the brand is working on that idea and now it only depends on you to materialize this concept.

The closest we've ever had to the modular smartphone market was the LG G5 or Motorola's Moto Mods. In both cases, it was possible to add some accessories to the equipment, but this philosophy was not very successful in the market.


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