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Warzone: Streetsweeper shotgun may suffer nerf soon

 Call of Duty: Warzone players who enjoyed the good phase of Streetsweeper may be very upset by this news. According to a tweet from Raven Software, developer of the battle royale, the shotgun may suffer nerfs. In addition to being unbalanced, the weapon appears frequently when opening loot boxes around the map.

Warzone Streetsweeper shotgun may suffer nerf soon

The high rate of fire and the appealing damage presented by the weapon put it at an advantage over the other shotguns in the game. Through Twitter , the player JoeWo mani expressed his indignation at the presence of the equipment and was answered in the following way by the developer:

NRG JoeWo : Hey, Raven Software, is there any way to PLEASE replace the Common Loot Streetsweeper with some secondary one?
Raven : We are looking at Streetsweeper in general. Changes are underway with the next patch. No more details to share at the moment.

The shotgun doesn't just bother Warzone players, as recent changes to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War have reduced the maximum damage from the equipment, which was previously 138, to 88. 

Heavy reinforcement in the development of Warzone
Toys For Bob, which produced Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time , joined Warzone's dev team as a co-developer. Along with companies such as Sledgehammer Games, Beenox and Treyarch, Activision has another weight reinforcement.


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