Ubi details more of the new season of Rainbow Six Siege

 The new season of Rainbow Six Siege, called “North Star”, was announced a few days ago and now Ubisoft has shared details about the content. The company is preparing a rework on the Favela map, the addition of the operator Thunderbird and other balances.

The new character will be part of the team of healers, same category as Doc and Finka. Thunderbird will feature three Kona Station gadgets, a device capable of healing all soldiers in a protected area. The equipment may be destroyed by normal bullets or PEM grenades.

The operator will come equipped with Spear .308 and SPAS-15 as primary weapons; Q-929 and Bearing 9 as secondary and, finally, Impact Grenades and Nitro Cell as secondary gadgets.

New Rainbow Six Siege season will have a rework of the Favela map

Ubi has confirmed that it will make changes to the Favela map, mainly by replacing the large number of walls that can be leaked. Players will have a harder time finding these loopholes.

The company also cited the fact that the visual changes were deliberate. The scenario became simpler with less distractions from the decorations so that operators are really focused on the gameplay.

The new season of Rainbow Six Siege does not yet have an official release date, but the news and changes will be available on the Test Servers from May 25.


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