The NASA Orbiter sent a new image of the Curiosity rover to Earth

The Curiosity astronaut has been exploring the Red Planet for a long time and conducting scientific experiments. NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) recently released an aerial image of Curiosity rising from the heights of Mars called Mount Merco.

The NASA Orbiter sent a new image of the Curiosity rover to Earth

The MRO satellite captured this image from an altitude of 268 km on Mars on April 29 this year. The MRO captured this image with software that can detect objects as small as the height of a table, although the curiosity is much larger and can be considered the size of a normal car.

Curiosity began exploring Mount Merco about two months ago. Curiosity has been exploring Mount Sharp since 2014, located at the center of the Gale Crater. The astronaut's mission is to find signs of microbial life in the past on Mars. NASA said that curiosity in finding chemical compounds in the first two years of its mission showed that the Gale Crater was a lake on the planet about millions of years ago.

Curiosity has also discovered a lot of natural materials in its explorations and has tried to solve the mystery of the existence of methane in the Martian environment. The Curiosity Mission Control Center said the astronaut spent more time on Mars than expected by NASA scientists and could make more discoveries in the future. It is possible that the heights of Mount Merco are full of sulfate, and curiosity wants to explore this possibility.

The Curiosity astronaut landed in the crater of Mars in 2012 to investigate the possibility of microbial life on the planet. The astronaut is part of a mission by NASA's Mars Science Laboratory to study the climate and geography of Mars. Curiosity was originally designed for just two years on Mars, but with its flawless capabilities, NASA has extended its mission and has been operating on Mars for almost nine years now


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