Tesla reveals first images and secrets of Powerwall +

After being announced by Elon Musk last week, Tesla has now revealed images of Powerwall +. This new equipment for charging Tesla cars will, according to the CEO, double the output power of the previous model.

The new Powerwall + will have gone into production in November last year, and the brand will have already started sending the list of specifications for new buyers. The user “tangarg” shared the image on Reddit with all the details.

Tesla reveals first images and secrets of Powerwall +

“Powerwall + is an integrated solar battery system to store energy from solar production. Its integrated design and simplified installation allows a simple connection to any home, and the improved power surge capacity brings 'backup' of the entire home in a smaller package ”, to be read in the brand document.

“Intelligent system controls allow homeowners to customize the system's behavior to meet their renewable energy needs,” they conclude.

What matters most to users is the power, and that is assured. According to the list of specifications, we now have a maximum power of 9.6kW. This is therefore an increase compared to the 5kW and 7kW peak.

Key features of Powerwall +:

  • Integrated battery, inverter and system controller for a more compact installation
  • Integrated soft starter capable of powering motors and air conditioning units
  • A set of application modes, including auto-feed, time-based control and backup modes
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE connection with over-the-air updates


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