Spotify surpasses incredible number of installations on Android

The Swedish music platform, Spotify, asserts itself as the queen of music streaming , leaving any and all competition behind, whether on the smartphone, tablet, or in the car. Now, your Android app has surpassed the billion-user installation threshold.

More than 1 billion installations through the Google Play Store

The new record for Spotify application was reached yesterday (2), starting the company in May with redoubled ambitions and a price increase to be applied also in Europe . Nevertheless, its popularity continues to increase worldwide.

Spotify surpasses incredible number of installations on Android

Growing in the various markets in which it is present, according to data from Statista, the streaming platform has managed to double the number of installations on Android in just two years. This metric sets it apart from all current rivals.

Indeed, Spotify went from 500 million Android installations to more than 1 billion in just two years through the Google Play Store. It should be noted, therefore, that outside of this article are the installations made through the App Store for iOS.

Spotify's ambitions are limitless
In addition to wanting to continue to expand its user base, both for the free plan and the premium version , the company's focus is increasingly on podcasts. It is here, especially in the past two years, that the company has concentrated its efforts.

In addition to betting on podcasts, Spotify recently launched a physical accessory for older vehicles , a test that may be deployed in more products. Likewise, it has been betting on audiobooks with Amazon's Audible.

On the other hand, in view of the announced price increase and constant criticism regarding the low payment for artists, potential obstacles to its growth are envisaged. Issues that have been negatively impacting public opinion on the dominant platform in this music streaming market .

Even so, the platform remains isolated in the top position, showing itself untouchable in the first place. The main competitor is, at the moment, Apple Music.

This is the latest application to join the hall of fame on the Google Play Store where a select number of apps boast the "billion" metric. For the Swedish company the objective is succinct, to become the only reference for everything that has to do with music and audio.


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