Sony plans to sell more than 20 million PS5 in 2022

 The Sony puts high expectations on sales PS5 for the coming years and aims to meet an "unprecedented demand" . In an official document released late on Wednesday (26), the Japanese giant suggested in a projection that it will sell more than 20 million new generation consoles by the end of the fiscal year 2022 - which ends in March 2023.

In the chart below, you can see in the left corner the first fiscal year of all consoles launched by the company since 1994, in addition to the number of units sold during the period of one year on the market. The right side shows the gradual evolution of these sales, concluding in a very optimistic projection for the PS5.

Charts with sales projections for the PS5 up to fiscal year 2022.

(SOURCE: Reproduction / Sony)

It is still valid to point out that Sony's forecast was thought out even with the global scarcity of semiconductors , which has delayed the distribution of the new console worldwide. This is a problem that Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment , intends to resolve as soon as possible .

PlayStation works on 25 PS5 exclusives; almost half are new IPs

If you're on the team who enjoys a unique and unique experience, then rejoice: Hermen Hulst, president of PlayStation Studios , confirmed that the company currently works on 25 first-party titles for the PS5 - almost half are new IPs. 


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