Returnal players are receiving SMS informing where their friends died

 Returnal received a good reception from the critics and the public, mainly due to the new generation features of the PlayStation 5 . But those who believed that immersion would be limited to DualSense and 3D audio are very mistaken : players are also receiving SMS with information about where their friends died in-game.

Returnal players are receiving SMS informing where their friends died

To receive these notifications, you need to have the PlayStation app installed on your smartphone and be connected to it. Apparently, it is still necessary to have played the title to be notified of the death of the friend. Check the messages that one of the members of MyPlayStation received:

Death messages from friends on Returnal

Regarding its usefulness, the reality is that it has no impact - perhaps the comic relief of seeing a friend suffering as much as you do. It's fun to know when and where they died, but it doesn't really affect the gaming experience..

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Brazilian studio worked on the development of Returnal

The national studio Diorama Digital Studio revealed its participation in the development in Returnal. The developer created several 3D models of the roguelike and has an exclusive dedication to the game's credits.


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