Porsche wants its cars to feel like an iPhone

 The Porsche / Apple duo is one of the most valued among luxury vehicle customers. Some years ago, the CEO of Porsche Klaus Zellmer, stated that 91% of Porsche drivers own an iPhone . The statistic has given the automaker reason enough to focus on Apple-thought solutions. And today, the iPhone itself is a reference for Porsche .

Porsche wants its cars to feel like an iPhone

The integration of Apple services into the Porsche Taycan has gone a long way towards enhancing the infotainment experience in the car. In a recent interview, the CEO of Porsche Cars North America, Kjell Gruner, admitted that today the digital experience is as important as the physical part of your cars.

Porsche wants to offer the same experience as the iPhone

According to Gruner in an interview with Automotive News Europe , automakers have room to grow before their technology sits on par with the precise technology that companies like Apple offer in smartphones.

“With their ecosystem and seamless customer experience, they have shaped customer expectations… We have to integrate [digital] with physical experience because we are a very, very physical product. If you don't have digital experiences, you are not on the radar screen. You are irrelevant.

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The Taycan is Porsche's most technology-centric car with 53-inch displays featuring real-time traffic information, charging station maps, Apple CarPlay and Apple Music wireless integration, and a Track Precision app. And the 2022 Porsche 911 will be the first Porsche to offer Android Auto. Still, these screens take longer to start up compared to an average smartphone.

“With the iPhone, the startup time is zero. That's what customers are used to. But that's because the phone is always on. If you lock a car, it's like turning off your iPhone. And when was the last time you actually turned off your iPhone? all there, navigation, whatever. That customer expectation comes from those devices, whether we like it or not.


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