New trailer for Hood: Outlaws & Legends is focused on gameplay

 Focus Home Interactive continues to promote the release of Hood: Outlaws & Legends with news and trailers. This time, the publisher released unpublished scenes that detail the gameplay of the title, defined as “an ideal mix between lethal stealth and brutal combat”.

New trailer for Hood Outlaws & Legends is focused on gameplay

Whether your gang prioritizes a sneak approach, brutal hand-to-hand combat or a combination of both, cooperation will be the key to victory. In addition, the different characters combine during the critical phases of a match.


Hood: Outlaws & Laws gameplay details

Hood: Outlaws & Legends players will be able to mix and choose the ideal moments in the match. At certain times, it will be better to adopt a stealth tactic while at other times the combat between swords, axes and daggers will be the most appropriate.

The team will choose between different classes that contribute in a unique way to the success of the missions. Focus Home Interactive has already released information from other heroes, such as Brawler and Hunter . It is interesting to note how each of them has different characteristics and unique styles of gameplay.


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