GTA V reaches new sales record eight years after launch

We need to go back until September 2013 for the launch of Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 3. Since then it has been released for other platforms, and its arrival on PS5 and Xbox Series on 11 November has already been announced.

GTA V reaches 145 million units sold globally

In the most recent report by Take-Two Interactive, owner of Rockstar Games, we learn that GTA V continues to break sales records. The title has already exceeded 145 million units sold globally.

GTA V reaches new sales record eight years after launch

In the United States alone, GTA V was the best-selling game of the past decade. This is a title that has already given the producer something like a billion dollars in revenue. That is why we understand the delay in launching his 

It seems certain that this number will continue to rise, especially with the launch of versions for the next generation consoles on the doorstep. And the big lever for all of this is Online mode.

This is where a large number of players are concentrated, and where Rockstar continues to invest in regular updates. GTA Online will even be released for PS5 and Xbox Series “solo”.

Red Dead Redemption has already exceeded 60 million units sold

Red Dead Redemption also remains strong in sales. The saga already has sales of more than 60 million units. Only Red Dead Redemption 2, launched in 2018, already has sales of more than 37 million units. Red Dead Online is included in these numbers.


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