Google's Pixel 6 will likely come with super-bandwidth technology

Ultra-bandwidth (UWB) technology has become a trend these days in the tech world, and even products like Apple Airteg take advantage of it. Now apparently Google wants to bring it to Pixel 6.

Apple and Samsung were among the first companies to equip their phones with this technology, and it is possible that Google will be added to this group with its latest product. Google, like Apple, is not a fast-paced company, so it makes sense to use UWB technology over a long period of time.

Google's Pixel 6 will likely come with super-bandwidth technology

According to new information that recently the "Mishal Rahman» XDA Developers website published , Google is likely to support the ultra-wide band technology adds to Android 12. Doing so will create a standard UWB API for the platform that smartphone makers can take advantage of.

Google is apparently testing this feature on a device codenamed "Raven". This is not the first time we have encountered such a code name, and according to past rumors, this name refers to a pixel phone with a chip based on the Whitechapel logo or Google Silicon (GS101).

Google Pixel 5

With that in mind, the Pixel 6 will likely come with support for this technology in 2021, becoming the first smartphone with a proprietary Google chip.

Although reports have previously suggested the use of a proprietary processor in the next generation of Pixel phones, this is the first time we have heard of their support for UWB. So maybe Google will not decide to do that.

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The Internet search giant does not yet have a smart speaker or tracker to take advantage of this technology. It is possible that we will see the release of more information at the Google I / O 2021 event, and Google, in addition to announcing the addition of this technology to Android 12, will unveil products with the possibility of benefiting from it.


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