Germany becomes the first country in the world for the legal traffic of fully autonomous cars

The law on the entry of self-driving cars on public roads and lanes was approved by the German parliament, known as the Bundestag. Under the law, which takes effect next year, Germany will become the first country to allow the movement of self-driving cars legally.

Germany becomes the first country in the world for the legal traffic of fully autonomous cars

According to the German Minister of Roads and Transport, Andreas Schweier, the law allows automakers to take Level 4 cars from research laboratories and laboratories to roads and streets. Of course, it is necessary to mention that not all roads and streets are covered by this law, and only a part of them have been selected to test this category of vehicles.

You may know that in Level 4 car technology, advanced computer systems take on almost all of the task of driving a vehicle. According to the German Ministry of Roads and Transportation, in the first phase, this technology can be used in the fleet of public transport and trucks.

According to a recent German parliament law, private cars will also be allowed to enter designated areas. It is necessary to mention that this law needs to be approved by the Bundesrat parliament to be finalized; It consists of representatives from 16 German states.

Hildegart Müller, president of the German Automobile Industry Association, welcomed the passage of the law, saying it would enable the country to become a leader in automotive technology. On the other hand, Jam Azdemir, a senior Green Party official, called the law a positive step and said it was effective in increasing safety, improving the quality of life and cleaning the air.

It is worth mentioning that self-driving cars are generally divided into six categories. At level zero, only certain warnings are given to the driver. In the second level, the car computer can take control of components such as throttle, brake and steering, but the driver must constantly look ahead and be prepared to react.

In the third level, the driver is able to take his eyes off the opposite lane and do other things. In the fourth level, there is no need for the driver's attention and even he can sleep in another seat! Of course, this level only works in certain areas. At the fifth level, all the processes related to controlling and guiding the car in each direction are assigned to computer systems.

To date, no carmaker has reached levels above three, and no country in the world is allowed to drive above two, although Germany intends to become a leader in the world of technology.


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