Fortnite generated $ 9 billion in revenue for Epic in the first two years

The legal battle between Epic Games and Apple won new chapters on Monday (03) , with a lot of information coming to the public. According to a publisher document obtained by The Verge , Fortnite generated revenue of $ 9 billion in the first two years post-launch, 2018 being more profitable, with $ 5 billion.

Fortnite generated $ 9 billion in revenue for Epic in the first two years

The file does not specify what Epic's exact profit from the battle royale was during the period. However, it was reported that the company earned $ 5.5 billion at the time, a significant number.

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In addition, the document also stated that the difference in revenue between free to play and other business of the company is surprising. Rocket League generated $ 108 million, the graphics engine Unreal Engine raised $ 221 million, and the Epic Games Store had $ 235 million in revenue between 2018 and 2019.

Fortnite on PlayStation 4 is a financial success

If battle royale is a major financial achievement, much is due to PS4. A publisher report revealed that almost half of the title's income came from Sony's console in the period between March 2018 and July 2020. The Xbox One appears in second place, followed by Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android smartphones.


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