Facebook insinuates that its applications can now be paid for

IOS 14.5 sparked a war between Facebook and Apple over the new privacy policies implemented by the latter. With this version, the Cupertino giant forces all applications to ask users for permission before tracking their information.

Facebook insinuates that its applications can now be paid for

The most discordant voice of this measure was Facebook and now the social network strikes back by instilling fear among its users. To those who already use iOS 14.5, the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg implies that their applications can now be paid for.

Facebook and Instagram may be paid if users prevent them from following them

It was already known that Facebook would try to sensitize its users on the iPhone and iPad so that they would allow their tracking practices. Now, thanks to a new post on its official blog, we see the warning that the social network will give to everyone who uses iOS 14.5.

With this message, Facebook and Instagram reinforces the fact that users can now enable, or not, the tracking of their information. As expected, social networks list the "benefits" that data collection offers users, namely the fact that the apps they use are free.

It is here that the controversy begins, with many registering this message as an insinuation that this modality could be ended in the future. This is in case users prevent the social network from collecting their data for advertising purposes.

In the same list, the social network points out that the tracking of this information allows users to receive targeted advertisements. In addition, it provides for the subsistence of several businesses that depend on advertising to reach their customers.

The biggest threat, however, comes in a hint that its applications are free because the social network can follow its users. If it is deprived of this practice, the Facebook group will certainly try to find another way to continue to monetize its business.


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