Ex-dev of Shades of Mordor is creating a game for EA

Electronic Arts hired Kevin Stephens, one of the founders of Monolith Productions (creator of Shades of Mordor and Shadows of War ), to create an open world game. The recruitment was confirmed directly by the company's senior vice president, Samantha Ryan.

Ex-dev of Shades of Mordor is creating a game for EA

Ryan said Stephens arrived to compose a new EA studio that was just born. The executive promised to reveal more information about the developer soon, but did not comment on the main project for the team. It just reinforced that the action and adventure genre is "very important" for the industry in general.

The players and fans of these games are so passionate and it is also one of my favorite genres. Recently, we have also been successful with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and we would love to entertain more fans with similar interests.

For now, Stephens' studio has neither a name nor an entirely established base, but the vice president has indicated that everyone "will find out more as they go along . "

Nemesis Shadow System of Mordor belongs to WB

A curiosity about Shadows of Mordor is the Nemesis System that allows the game's villains to adapt as they are defeated by the protagonist. The mechanics are very intelligent and work in the game universe in a unique way , and since 2016 Warner Bros. has patented the idea to make it exclusive in their games .


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