Car News Cyber ​​Lander introduced; An attractive camper for Tesla cyber truck owners

 Ideas like CyberLander; That is when they get off a car like a cyber truck; They are very attractive. We call it Tesla Cyber ​​Truck! Pickup not yet on the production line; But attractive accessories have been introduced for it. If you do not know anything about CyberLander; We must say that CyberLander is an opening compressor that is easily installed on the back of cyber truck. Cyber ​​Lander space as a bedroom; Reception rooms; kitchen; Provides you with bathroom and office.

Because this camper is retractable; Cyber ​​truck owners can easily take it with them wherever they want; To take. in fact; Nothing like it on the market; Does not exist.

Car News Cyber ​​Lander introduced; An attractive camper for Tesla cyber truck owners

Probably a lot of future cyber truck owners; They will fall in love with this practical device. Because more than 1,000 pre-orders have been received so far and revenue of $ 50 million from its sale; forecasted.

Bill French; The manufacturer of this camper says: "We believe that people are eager to buy this camper; It stems from exactly the same sense of adventure that drives them to choose a Tesla pickup. People want this car and its tools for adventure in and out of town; To use. For example, you can play bullfighting competitions; Diving and Offroad took advantage of it.

We predict that cyberlanders will outperform conventional campers; Benefit people 2 to 3 times more. Because it is easily portable. »

Lance King; "We are considerate," said the sales manager of CyberLander. We estimate that by 2022; Receive more than 10,000 orders for CyberLander. That's why Munro & Associates is a renowned consultant to ensure the quality of work; I got help. Because we produce according to market demand; We adjust. 

Munro & Associates is one of the oldest product engineering and production consulting companies, founded by Sandy Munro. If you are eager to read more about CyberLander; You can search the Internet; Visit the website of the manufacturer of this camper to find out more about its features; Get acquainted.


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