The European Union is likely to soon accuse Apple of anti-competitive behavior

 In the next few days, the European Commission will file charges against Apple for violating EU competition rules in the App Store. The allegations are apparently linked to a two-year case of Apple and Spotify over monopoly behavior.

According to informed sources of the Financial Times , "Margaret Westagger", the head of the EU Competition Commission, will file charges against Apple and the rules of the App Store in the next few days, which violates the EU regulations. In 2019, Spotify sued the European Commission, claiming that Apple was restricting users' choices and blocking innovation with App Store rules. The company says Apple is simultaneously playing the role of player and referee and making decisions to the detriment of other developers.

The European Union is likely to soon accuse Apple of anti-competitive behavior.jpg

Spotify stressed that Apple's 30 percent commission on App Store purchases forces the company to charge $ 12.99 a month to its current streaming subscribers, while the actual cost of their subscription is $ 9.99 a month. Spotify says Apple is doing its best to compete with Apple Music's $ 9.99 monthly subscription.

The Spotify antitrust case is one of several cases related to Apple's policies in the European Commission. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Because EU officials say the Cupertinoites have violated European law and must change their policies if they want to continue operating in the region.

Reuters reported a few weeks ago that the European Union was finalizing Apple's allegations in the Spotify case. However, Financial Times sources said the timing of the charges could change. The Cupertinos denounced allegations of anti-competitive behavior and said at the time of Spotify's complaint that they were seeking to deceive lawmakers.


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