Google Android 12 Will Be Released With A Slight Change In The Design Of The Notification Card

Almost every time a new version of the Android operating system is introduced, changes are made to the notifications section; Developments that sometimes involve even small improvements and lack significant functionality. The latest update to the third demo of Android 12 developers is no exception.

The redesign of the notification card in the new version of Android does not seem very impressive; Because only the notification counter position for the stacked cards has changed. For example, if you receive more than one notification from a particular application in Android 11, the number of notifications is displayed in the lower right corner of the stacked cards; While in Android 12 this counter will be moved exactly to the side of the flash card developer in the upper right corner. In addition, the counter is displayed more distinctly using the color associated with the program icon.

Such a change not only makes it easier to see the number of notifications; Rather, it saves text on the card by providing relative space savings. However, in developer demos, everything can usually be changed. So with the release of the official version of Android 12 in the next few months, we will probably see the unveiling of a different design pattern than the current model.

Notification cards in Android 11 (left) and the third preview version of Android 12 developers (right)


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