German companies have sued Apple over its "app tracking transparency" feature

 Germany's largest media, technology and advertising companies have complained about the "transparency of app tracking" feature that was made available to users today with iOS 14.5 . A similar lawsuit was filed in France last month.

According to the Financial Times , German companies say that with the addition of the App Tracking Transparency feature, the income of app developers is likely to drop by up to 60%, forcing consumers to pay more to buy apps.

Nine major companies, including Germany's Facebook subsidiary Axel Springer and Insider, filed a complaint with the German Competition Authority yesterday against Apple's monopoly decision, calling it harmful to the advertising market. They say that "app tracking transparency" reduces the number of apps that are available to users for free and with ads, and this ultimately increases the cost to consumers themselves.

Thomas Hopner of Hausfeld Law Firm, the plaintiffs' main lawyer in the case, says the change will force more apps to charge users for advertising instead of the current subscription system. The case also says in a bizarre statement that with the removal of personalized ads due to App Tracking Transparency, users will be forced to spend more time searching for their favorite products.

However, Apple claims that the new feature of iOS 14.5 only gives users the right to choose. These are the people who decide whether to allow apps to track their behavior on various apps and websites and show them custom ads. Privacy advocates are a big fan of this feature.

Apple is currently facing numerous antitrust lawsuits in different countries, each of which has a different aspect to Apple's activities. The company is also under the microscope in the United States and has a tough job ahead of it.


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