Apple Has Released New Updates For IOS 14.5 And WatchOS 7.4

Company Apple recently updated iOS 14.5 operating system for the iPhone Plus iPadOS 14.5 and WatchOS 7.4 released. The volume of the new update is quite remarkable and this update includes many new features. The following is an overview of some of these features:

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The main new feature is that users will now be able to unlock their iPhone using their Apple Watch if they wear a face mask . A new "Unlock with Apple Watch" option has been added to the iPhone settings. This feature will automatically unlock your iPhone if the user uses the face mask and Apple Watch at the same time. Of course, using this new feature will require receiving and installing the WatchOS 7.4 update on the Apple Watch.

App Tracking Transparency is another new feature. This feature allows users to control the tracking of their activities by applications and websites of other companies for the purpose of advertising or sharing data with brokers. By installing a new update for all applications that want to track user activities; They must obtain his explicit permission before doing so. The licensing process can be done with just one click.

In addition, AirTag support has been added to iOS 14.5. In this way, by activating the hardware features of the phone, users can track their AirTag device. In addition, the updated version of the Find My app will help the user determine the position of the AirTag.

Siri Voice Assistant has also been updated with more voice options. Thus, users now have access to 14 audio patterns from different regions and genders. In addition, Siri will now be able to announce the receipt and name of the caller. Users can also answer calls hands-free if they use AirPads or Bates compatible headphones . In addition, users will now be able to make emergency calls with the help of Siri.

IOS 14.5 will also recalibrate your iPhone's battery. This way, the battery health status is displayed more accurately, and this process will probably take several weeks to complete. This feature is only available on iPhone 11 series phones.

Pictures of the new features of iOS 14.5

Other enhancements include new emojis, lyrics sharing via the Apple Music service , a new podcast app, a redesigned News app, improved 5G connectivity, support for Xbox and S series X and S console controllers , and a PlayStation 5 and more. .


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