Warzone: fans ask Infinity Ward to revert Gulag changes

Infinity Ward implemented automatic rifles and SMGs on the Gulag and fans didn't like it very much.

Last week, Infinity Ward released a major update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare , which changes the Gulag in Warzone. Before, the 1 vs 1 confrontation was all about shotguns or pistols, but after the patch, players started to receive automatic rifles and SMGs. The change does not seem to have pleased the community much.

In the game's forum on Reddit , several users said that the weapons “ruined” the Gulag experience. They make players put less effort into killing because they can be used over a long distance without any problems.

Other people preferred to use a different argument: rifles and SMGs were not made for small environments, as is the case with prison. With weapons, the winner of 1 vs 1 is probably the player who sees his opponent first.

Fans are asking Infinity Ward and Raven Software, studios responsible for Warzone, to revert to changes made to the patch. Other users have even suggested that the Gulag has only pistols, without any grenades.

Captain Price as Warzone operator

Activision has released a new teaser for the shooter. The content indicates the arrival of an operator and he is probably Captain Price. In the video, a figure with the character's silhouette appears, indicating his return. Click here  and watch!


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